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Waalwijk, The Netherlands (January 20, 2020) DRI Rubber, the global leader in circular rubber products and solutions, proudly announces that it has been granted a United States Patent (US 10,512,350) for its invention of a fastener system for securing agricultural rubber mats for livestock. The rubber fastener is a game changer for the industry being characterized as unbreakable and animal friendly.

The fastener for livestock rubber mats on slatted concrete floors (i.e. slat mats) is unique for its design as well as its all rubber composition with DRI Rubber’s fiber reinforcement technology (FRC®). It provides strength, durability and animal comfort.
Conventional methods of securing livestock rubber mats against sudden movement include directly bonding mats to panels, use of metal components such as screws, bolts, or brackets to secure the mats to the concrete panels, or plastic components. Robert de Ruijter, CEO of DRI Rubber, says: “The fasteners for slat mats currently out there have always been difficult for farmers. Most of the existing fastening methods are failing or causing problems. They are unable to resist the forces caused by the heavy animals, breaking apart, causing claw or hoof damages and other injuries due to metal and plastic materials. In most cases the broken off fasteners fall into the manure storage and recovery systems get blocked. Our all-rubber solution is safer, stronger and more comfortable for the animals. It makes it easy to install and replace the mats. A win-win for farmers and animals!”

The fastener will be distributed by LRP and supplied together with LRP’s high performing slat mats for beef fattening and dairy farms, which have been co-developed with DRI Rubber. The fasteners are also available in different widths in order to fit other slat mats and replace non-performing fastener systems. The solution will be available in USA and Canada first, and it is expected to roll out in Europe later this year.

For further information please feel free to call LRP (phone +1 800.558.4040) or DRI Rubber USA (phone +1419.678.3909). You can also visit the company websites: and