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Press & Media policy

DRI Rubber attaches great importance to a good and professional working relationship with the media. DRI Rubber will always strive for pleasant collaborations. Therefore, the Marketing and Communications department of DRI Rubber is responsible for all contacts with representatives of the media and for all internal and external communication.

Media guideline

Interview- and other media requests for management and all other staff members within the organization of DRI Rubber have to be submitted on time, by contacting the Marketing and Communications department.

DRI Rubber reserves to right to:
– Review interview questions beforehand
– Review and (when considered necessary) edit media productions before publishing.

Textual media productions must be sent to the Marketing and Communications department, at least five working days before publishing. DRI Rubber strives to review these as soon as possible. Not following our press- and media policy, can lead to not getting permission to publish.

Interview and all other media related requests, including a more detailed explanation of the request, must be sent to Kenny Boons, Head of Marketing and Communications, by mailing to:

News & press releases

If DRI Rubber deems it necessary to share important news to all media and (other) relevant parties, this will happen by sending news- and press releases. Generally, news- and press releases will also be published on the DRI Rubber website, click here for the current overview of our news- and press releases.

Latest update press- and media policy: January 2022.*

*DRI Rubber reserves the right to change its press- and media policy, when considered necessary.