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DRI Rubber has 3 manufacturing locations, with over 200 employees, across the globe. We also maintain a physical presence in all regions worldwide, with a vast array of offices and exclusive agents, enabling us to better serve both our customer and supplier base.

DRI processes and handles approx. 50,000 metric tons / 110,250,000 pounds of unvulcanized
rubber materials per annum.


DRI Rubber has earned its position as an industry leader by continuously adapting to changing markets and environmental challenges, while continuing to provide innovative solutions to our wide range of customers.

We have built a solid global footprint with high level of unique knowledge and expertise to the rubber processing industry which enables us to serve customers and suppliers on all continents in a consistent way.

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global presence

Global presence


Our ability to deliver consistency, while being flexible to our customer’s specific requirements is unmatched in the industry

Quality control is key to our success. DRI Rubber operates fully equipped rubber laboratories and cooperates with rubber institutes and universities on all continents. It enables us to serve the OEM, Tier1 as well as the aftermarket.



DRI Rubber has developed innovative reprocessing solutions, enabling us to handle the most difficult rubber waste streams. Our operations consist of mechanical separation, size reduction, and mixing processes.

We have the unique ability to develop materials, processes and applications based on unvulcanized rubber waste streams and reprocessed compounds. Over the years we have introduced industry changing solutions such as FRC® and preforms.


DRI Rubber provides and invests in tailor made, long-term logistical solutions at the tire plants, resulting in cost savings, improved safety, and increased environmental control for our suppliers.

We have a global team of qualified people who speak not only the language of your country, but also the language of your business.


Compliance is our top priority, the products we deliver meet the requirements of our customers and the applicable laws and regulations. However, compliance is more than rules and regulations.

Multiple stakeholders have certain standards and demands which we need to consider in our operations.

We are expected to guarantee performance of mandatory inspections, NEN or ISO certifications, insurance policies, quality standards, but also company policy.

In order to manage this, DRI RUBBER uses the online tool OK COMPLY. OK COMPLY helps us manage all necessary tasks and gives us insight if our organization 100% compliant which is of course is our goal.

DRI RUBBER chooses to work with a quality and environmental management system based on NEN-EN-ISO 9001 and 14001, accredited by a competent certification authority. The effective operation of this system is checked on regular basis by means of internal and external audits. All persons performing activities under the supervision of DRI RUBBER must comply with the applicable requirements of the quality and environmental management system. They are also expected to actively contribute to a continuous improvement of our quality and environmental management system.

DRI RUBBER has an environmental permit for dealing with rubber waste and complies with all applicable international and European laws and regulations, including REACH. This ensures our license to operate for sourcing, manufacturing and selling, now and in the future.

DRI RUBBER has been successfully audited by customers and suppliers.

DRI RUBBER is affiliated with and member of the Dutch Rubber Association (NRK).