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On-spec rubber compounds

Upgraded to specific properties

DRI Rubber mixes and upgrades rubber compounds to specific properties We develop rubber compounds with special characteristics, such as metal bonding, slow curing, high-hardness and fiber reinforcement.

The circular alternative

Via our upcycling, circular and fiber reinforcement processes, we are able to offer not only a stonger material, but also a more sustainable alternative for using raw materials. Our materials can be used directly in the production process of our customers, realizing sustainable cost reductions and high-quality, consistent performance.

Our production process is 100% aimed at upgrading quality and adding value. We continuously invest in knowlegde, capacity and innovation. Our products demonstrates unmatched performance in the industry and ensures consistency and quality. In addition, we provide technical support in both application and process optimization.

To accomplish al this, we put great value in:

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FRC® – Fiber Reinforced Compounds

DRI Rubber was the first in the industry to develop Fiber Reinforced Compounds, also knows as FRC®. Our on-spec FRC® demonstrates unmatched performance in the industry and ensures consistency in quality and performance.

FRC fiber reinforced compound
fiber reinforced compounds chopped & baled (c&b)

Chopped & Baled (C&B)
FRC® Chopped & Baled (C&B) is an on-spec reprocessed fiber reinforced intermediate rubber compound for hot application. FRC® C&B is used as a masterbatch for a final application, such as solid tires. It functions as the backbone for fiber reinforced rubber compounds and is homogeneous and consistent in composition. We pride ourselves in providing the best in the industry!

fiber reinforced compound preform

FRC® Preform is a ready-made, unvulcanized, masticated and fiber reinforced rubber. It is available in rolls (see photograph), sheets or strips. The Preform is manufactured to the required dimensions for direct molding (cold application). Its fiber dispersion and orientation, low heat build-up and maximum tackiness make it a gamechanger for the industry! This material can be tailored to fit specific applications and processes.

sustacom circular rubber compound

Sustacom® – Circular rubber compounds

In 2020 DRI Rubber launched a new product portfolio for on-spec, circular rubber compounds: Sustacom®. These compounds are based on the best practice application requirements and are suitable for direct milling and extrusion, no mixing needed.

Sustacom® compounds are developed for any application. They are available in wigwag and strips. Sustacom® compounds are made from upcyled rubber from the global tire industry, and are also usable as the backbone for customizing compounds. From lower purchase price to reduced processing costs; working with Sustacom® compounds means a lower TCO for the customer.

Sustacom® is developed for customers that have limited or no mixing capabilities. Our materials can also be mixed in a mixing plant. This has several benefits, such as lower mixing time and reduction of Carbon Black used in the production process. As it is an on-spec rubber compound, we will supply test results from every pallet. Sustacom® rubber compounds can be modified to requested specifications.

Applications: Conveyor Belting, Fenders, Shoe Soles & General Rubber Goods.

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sustacom rubber compound
sustacom on-spec circular compound rubber
“We are able to not only offer a stronger material, but also a more sustainable alternative for using raw materials.”
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