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QHSE Policy

Our plan for Returning Value

We believe in creating consistent, high-performing rubber products and global solutions by upcycling tire and rubber waste streams through innovative technologies. By doing so, we provide the world with the best circular alternative to new raw materials, reducing our customers’ and suppliers’ environmental footprint. 

Our core values:

company values

We choose to:

  • Be transparant about our ecological footprint.
  • Set up goals where we commit to targets and dates
  • Measure our sustainability performance with the EcoVadis system.
  • Adopt the following Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations.
sustainable development goal 12: responsible consumption and production
sustainable development goal 13: climate action

This QHSE policy provides a framework to our business plan for setting our main objective, goals, targets and dates. With the use of the OGSM* model, we are able to involve every department and employee of DRI Rubber in contributing to our organization’s goal.

*Objectives, goals, strategies and measures (OGSM) is a goal setting and action plan framework used in strategic planning.

Objective 2022 – 2025

DRI Rubber is world leader in high-quality circular rubber products and solutions BY creating operational excellencecaring for each other, balancing and strengthening commodities, improving specialties and growing our finished products business.


Here are some of our goals for 2025:

EcoVadis score
Safety incidents
Operational Excellence
Customer score
Safety & Health

Our people are the true ambassadors of DRI Rubber and are our main asset. By systematically understanding the root causes of accidents and implementing proactive hazard management which includes safety training and education, DRI aims to not only reduce the probability of incidents but also strengthen our overall safety culture. This approach fosters a continuous improvement mindset, emphasizing the importance of learning from past incidents to prevent future ones, keeping people both physically and psychosocially safe


DRI is committed to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service, while remaining flexible to the needs of both customers and suppliers. Quality assurance is key to our success and is maintained from supplier to customer. Our main focus is to create added value, develop materials, processes and solutions based on upcycling rubber waste streams and reprocessing compounds. To enhance efficiency, we train our employees with the “lean and change” principle.


Through our innovative ‘waste-to-product’ process, we provide a superior circular alternative for customers and suppliers by achieving end-of-waste, prolonging product life cycles, minimizing prime material usage, and reducing the ecological footprint. We maintain delivery reliability through our flexible approach, supporting and promoting sustainable business practices. DRI also strives to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing our waste and responsible use of energy sources. By sharing performance data with our stakeholders, we create sustainability awareness within the entire supply chain and encourage positive action toward a more sustainable future.


For us compliance reflects a commitment to meeting the expectations of customers, suppliers and regulators while carefully managing risks, anticipating issues, and considering environmental impacts. We believe in a proactive approach, focusing on continuous improvement and adapting to changing markets, innovations and environmental challenges. In order to reach our objective and goals, DRI works with a management system according to the NEN-EN-ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. This system is assessed regularly by internal and external audits.

This policy is a public document and will be published and communicated to all relevant stakeholders. For effective implementation, DRI will ensure clear communication, provide training, secure leadership endorsement, establish feedback mechanisms, integrate it with processes, monitor and enforce compliance, adapt as needed and foster cultural integration. With this statement the senior management commits to this policy, also DRI expects that all people who work at DRI will conform to the requirements of the management system and will actively contribute to continuous improvement.

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Robert de Ruijter
CEO & Owner