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Fiber reinforced rubber compounds

Unmatched performance in the industry!

DRI Rubber was the first in the industry to develop Fiber Reinforced Compounds, also known as FRC®. Our on-spec, high-quality FRC® rubber demonstrates unmatched performance in the industry and ensures consistency in quality!

FRC fiber reinforced compound

DRI Rubber is the #1 global supplier of FRC® to the solid tire industry!

FRC chopped & baled (c&b)
Chopped & Baled (C&B)

FRC® Chopped & Baled (C&B) is our on-spec reprocessed fiber reinforced intermediate rubber compound for hot application. C&B is used as a masterbatch for final applicatons, such as solid tires.

FRC Preform

FRC® Preform is a ready-made, unvulcanized, masticated and fiber reinforced rubber compound, available in rolls, sheets or strips. This material can be tailored to fit specific applications and processes.

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