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Rubber matting catalog

Animal & Agriculture

Animal care is highly valued by us and is shown in our products. That is why we offer several types of rubber mats for agricultural uses. Some of our mats are specifically designed for these purposes, providing your animals with a safe and comfortable space. 

agricultural matting catalog for agri rubber mats by LRP Matting

A happy animal is a happy customer!

No matter what dimensions you need, we have a solution for every surface and evert size. Use our catalog to find the product that suits your specific needs the best!

  • Our catalog is our most complete product overview for rubber matting related to animal care and the agricultural industry.
  • Long-lasting and fiber reinforced products, ensuring optimal levels of protection and comfort.
  • Factory-Direct and made in the USA
  • Information, benefits and specs per individual product
  • Durable rubber matting for horses and livestock
  • Find the product that suits your needs best!


“Boosting the well-being of humans and animals with durable and high-quality rubber mats; LRP Matting has a solution for every surface and size.”



Our staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the proper and most cost-efficient product for your particular application. Just contact us by following the details below!

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