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Returning Value

We deliver the best circular alternative

DRI Rubber is the global leader in reprocessed rubber compounds and the no. 1 producer of fiber reinforced rubber compounds (FRC®).

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We are able to reprocess and handle approximately 50.000 metric tons of rubber waste materials, on a yearly basis. Throughout the years, we have developed an unique ‘waste-to-product’ process, reducing prime material usage and lowering CO2-footprint.
rubber waste stream handling

Zero-waste policy

By reducing the environmental footprint of the global tire and rubber industry, of our clients and of ourselves. We reprocess the materials in the region in our own facilities.

circular solutions

Circular solutions

By upcycling and reprocessing rubber waste streams. We upgrade the materials to extend the product life cycle and reduce prime material usage.

Consistent performance

Consistent performance

By using innovations to reprocess rubber waste, working with an environmental system and being completely ISO-certified and fully REACH-compliant.

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