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Recap 2023

An DRI perspective

The end of the year is quickly approaching. Time to look back at an eventful year with lots of challenges and opportunities. This is 2023, from an DRI perspective.

We believe in the best circular alternative, by caring for the environment, our suppliers, customers and for each other. We upcycle un- and semi-vulcanized rubber waste streams throughout innovative technologies, providing a consistent and high performing quality in circular alternatives to new raw materials. By doing so we are able to reduce prime material usage and lower CO-2 footprint. That is how we truly believe in making environmentally sustainable impact on the global tire and rubber industry.

LED Lighting

In 2023 we further established this basis. From further developing our products and services to intensifying collaborations with customers and suppliers worldwide, and from taking part in this year’s Tire Technology Expo to a successful ISO-audit. We also looked at our own footprint and by installing LED lighting throughout our office and warehouse in Waalwijk, we seriously reduced energy levels.

LED lighting at DRI Rubber
Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability has always been essential throughout our organizations history, but this year we decided to take it up a notch. How? By adopting the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The SDG’s provides a worldwide shared blueprint focusing on sustainability, innovation and equality. To give even more direction to our sustainability policy, we have chosen to adopt the following SDG’s.

sustainable development goal 12: responsible consumption and production
sustainable development goal 13: climate action
Women Breaking the Mold

Our people are our main asset. “Becoming a respected authority in the world could not be achieved without our own staff members. They are the ambassadors of the organization. Thanks to their energy, we maintain a physical presence in all regions worldwide, enabling us to better serve our customer and supplier base”, says Robert de Ruijter, CEO of DRI Rubber.

Therefore, we are extremely proud of Kris Baucher (Commercial Manager USA) who became part of Rubber News’ Women Breaking the Mold class of 2023, honoring her contributions to the organization and the rubber industry as a whole. Well-deserved Kris!


Sustainability has always been essential throughout our organizations history, but this year we decided to take it up a notch by adopting the Sustainable Development Goals.


Circular rubber furniture

And we also have to tell you about ‘Rubber, a design material’. We are proud to share the work of Eline van Dijkman, who collaborated with us as part of her graduation project. She created circular rubber furniture made from our upcycled and fiber reinforced rubber materials. With her project Eline not only graduated from the Design Academy, but she also took part in this year’s Dutch Design Week, one of Europe’s biggest design events. “The goal was to reuse materials and understanding what I, as a product designer, can create with rubber”, Eline explains. “I learned that rubber is very versatile as a material. I also didn’t realize that rubber is actually very easy to recycle. In collaboration with DRI Rubber, I was able to create 17 rubber furniture pieces, such as chairs, tables, lamps and candle holders.” Eline definitely made a good impression. She received multiple invitations to other European design shows, among others events in Paris and Milan!

Circular rubber furniture by Eline van Dijkman and DRI Rubber at Dutch Design Week

With the end of the year coming closer by the day, we would like to take this moment to thank all of our customers, suppliers, and of course our passionate colleagues. We couldn’t have the success we have today without you all.

We keep developing as an organization. That is not only necessary in order to achieve our own goals, but also to keep in touch with our customers and suppliers specific needs and to remain compliant to environmental laws and legislations. We are aware of our responsibilities and are already looking forward to next year! We are ready to take the next steps in realizing even more sustainable growth, in order to keep delivering the best circular alternative.


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Kenny Boons

Kenny Boons
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