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Industrial Matting

Durable, long-lasting & slip-resistant

Our high-quality and long-lasting industrial rubber mats are most suitable for heavy applications, like construction, mining, traffic and manufacturing. With their ergonomic designs and non-slip features, our industrial rubber mats are perfectly suitable for more rough environments.

LRP Matting - industrial rubber mats for construction purposes
LRP Matting - rubber mats for heavy duty purposes
LRP Matting - rubber mats for traffic

Product overview

FiberTread Mat by LRP Matting
FiberTread Mat

Slip-resistant mat that keeps your floors clean.

Industrial Roll Mat by LRP Matting
Industrial Roll Mat

Manufactured with durability and safety in mind.

rib mat by lrp matting
Rib Mat

Premium mat excellent for use in high-traffic areas.

Easy Tile Modular Mat by lrp matting
Easy Tile Modular Mat

Available in both ring style and solid top.

Mega Mat by LRP Matting
Mega Mat

Excellent performance rating in heavy-duty applications.

Bubble Mat LRP Matting
Bubble Mat

Ergonomically designed for comfort and durability.

bubble roll mat by LRP Matting
Bubble Roll Mat

Specially developed for extreme industrial conditions.

dozer mat custom lrp matting
Ground Protection Mat

To protect your surface from steel-track vehicles.

Heavy Duty Ring Mat by LRP Matting
Heavy Duty Ring Mat

Slip-resistant mat that keeps your floors clean.

light duty ring mat lrp matting
Light Duty Ring Mat

The ideal mat for workstations and laboratories.

Snap Tight Ring Mat by LRP Matting
Snap Tight Ring Mat

Premium mat, perfect for most industrial work spaces.

Comfort Ring Runner by LRP Matting
Comfort Ring Runner

Yellow distance markers, each 6 feet apart.

Scraper Mat by LRP Matting
Scraper Mat

Extremely rough design, providing extra traction.

Comfort Run Mat by LRP Matting
Comfort Run Mat

Adds safety, making this mat suitable for use in many areas.

General Purpose Mat by LRP Matting
General Purpose Mat

Used for almost any purpose, preventing slipping hazards.

Benefits of using rubber mats for industrial applications

Our industrial rubber mats are suistable for use in various heavy duty environments; from construction areas to mining and from manufacturing to assembly lines. Our matting can endure heavy machinery as well. In general the most important features of our rubber mats are the slip-resistant, drainage and anti-fatigue properties. Made from fiber reinforced (FRC®) rubber, our industrial flooring is extra strong, providing you with a durable and long-lasting product.

Slip resistant and drainage properties

Made from the highest quality FRC® rubber available, our mats ensures slip-resistance. Besides preventing slipping hazards, slip resistance also means that the mats do not shift on the floor, thereby reducing tripping hazards as well. Some of our rubber mats for industrial applications are provided with drainage holes. These are especially convenient for manufacturing areas where moistures or oil can leak onto the ground. Since our rubber flooring does not retain or absorb any type of moisture, drainage holes are an easy solution for the puddles that would otherwise arise. All together, the slip-resistant and drainage properties of our rubber mats allows you to make any type of industrial environment more safe and comfortable.

Where to use industrial rubber mats

The most suitable environments for our industrial rubber mats are construction, marine, mining, manufacturing and factotories, as well as the more heavy duty applications. Our Heavy Duty Ring Mat for example, is designed especially for environments such as these. It’s rough exterior prevents slippage and the drainage holes allow oil and moisture to seep through easily. The Scraper Mat on the other hand provides extra traction for where it is necessary. Our industrial rubber mats are long-lasting and can endure heavy weight. This makes them a durable option to cover the surface of every facility.

“With their ergonomic designs and non-slip features, our rubber mats for industrial applications are perfectly suitable for use in the more rough environments.”


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