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Special projects

Private label & OEM

LRP Matting is also specialized in private label/ Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM-) Projects. Not only are we able to assist in creating a more efficient production process, but we can also help ease your supply chain management. You don’t have to carry the costs, we do the job for you!

Comply to your needs

We have earned our market position by continuously adapting to changing markets, innovations and environmental challenges. We can easily comply to your needs and specifications and are known for our transparency and compliance, whether it’s about pricing, testing results, supply chain or processing.

Together with DRI Rubber

LRP Matting is a division of DRI Rubber. By working together with the global leader in reprocessed and fiber reinforced rubber compounds, we can provide you with the better alternative for using raw materials. By doing so, we are able to reduce the environmental footprint of the industry in the process.

Our special project applications:

private label oem special projects for animal and agricultural related purposes
Animal/ Agriculture
private label oem special projects for commercial purposes
Commercial/ Recreational
private label oem special projects for industrial purposes
Industrial/ Heavy duty

Get in touch!

Ready for a sustainable and future-proof collaboration? We are eager to help you out. Just get in touch by contacting Joost Koolen, our Senior Sales Manager. In a first meeting we will discuss your project and the possibilties alligned with your specific needs.

contact joost koolen

Joost Koolen
Senior Sales Manager

Why invest in private label/ OEM-projects?

Investing in private label- or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) projects is a wise decision when you don’t have the capacity, knowledge and/or adequate supply chain in place at your organization. Whether you are a starting business or a respected organization looking to scale up operations and sales, we help you with finding fitting solutions for your unique challenge. From making specific rubber component for use in your products to outsourcing the complete production process and supply chain; we have the inhouse knowledge and capacity to help you out!

Powered by DRI Rubber

LRP Matting is powered by DRI Rubber, the global leader in reprocessed and fiber reinforced (FRC®) rubber compounds. Working closely with DRI Rubber (a company with more than 75 years of experience in the rubber industry) gives us access to the most advanced technologies, such as their FRC® compounds, and rubber know-how for production of our rubber mats. Combined with a century of experience in real-world applications allows us to supply our customers with the very best, high-quality, upcuycled and circular matting solutions available.

The benefits of FRC® rubber in rubber mats

FRC® stand for Fiber Reinforced Compounds. This is an unique rubber technolgy developed by DRI Rubber, the global leader in reprocessed and fiber reinforced rubber compounds. FRC® is a reprocessed and an upcycled rubber material made from rubber waste streams from the global tire and rubber industry. This upgraded FRC® material is used in our rubber mats and makes our products stronger and therefore more long-lasting. This allows us to provide our customers with a more durable and sustainable material, lowering investment costs for our customers on the long-term as well.