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Commercial matting

High-quality and durable rubber mats

Our high-quality rubber mats for commercial uses allows for safer and more comfortable environments. Whether it is to cover an entrance, walkway, work space, or for use at home. They can be used for many commercial applications, both indoor and outdoor, and have many additional benefits such anti-fatigue and slip-resistant properties.

rubber mats for at home
commercial matting ice rink rubber mats by LRP Matting

Product overview

soft stall mat

Natural secure surface with cushioning qualities.

rubber back carpet mat lrp matting
Rubber Back Carpet Mat

Durable entry mat that is extremely strong.

Finger Top Mat LRP Matting
Finger Top Mat

A pleasing addition for any entrance or hallway.

General Purpose Mat by LRP Matting
General Purpose Mat

This mat can be used for almost any purpose!

light duty ring mat lrp matting
Light Duty Ring Mat

Uniquely constructed and our #1 seller!

Heavy Duty Ring Mat by LRP Matting
Heavy Duty Ring Mat

The heaviest design and rubber construction available.

Kitchen Ultra Mat LRP Matting
Kitchen Ultra Mat

Create a dry, safe and comfortable workspace.

Mega Mat by LRP Matting
Mega Mat

Excellent performance rating in heavy-duty applications.

Comfort Ring Runner by LRP Matting
Comfort Ring Runner

For crowd control purposes, both indoor and outdoor.

Snap Tight Ring Mat by LRP Matting
Snap Tight Ring Mat

Premium mat, ideal for almost any workplace.

Bubble Mat LRP Matting
Bubble Mat

Ergonomically designed for comfort and durability.

BridgeRunner rubber mat lrp matting

The diamond-grid surface provides excellent traction.

soft stall mat custom lrp matting
Disc Golf Mat

Simply placed and lay flat without curling.

dozer mat custom lrp matting
Ground Protection Mat

To protect your surface from steel-track vehicles.

Comfort Grid livestock rubber mat for cows by LRP Matting
Comfort Grid – Drain

Engineered for unbeatable comfort and safety.

Benefits of using rubber mats for commercial applications

A rubber mat is useful for many reasons, especially in commercial applications. Whether you use our flooring for working stations, at home, in the gym or your restaurant’s kitchen, they help create safer and more comfortable environments. The mats offer various solutions, such as slip-resistance, drainage and anti-fatigue properties. No matter your requirement, we have a commercial rubber mat suitable for your specific needs.

Slip resistant rubber mats

The slip-resistant feature of our commercial rubber matting can make a huge difference, as it allows you to create safer environments. Slipping hazards are virtually diminished. Especially in spaces that can get wet, such as production lines, locker rooms and kitchens, the slip-resistant feature of our products can be very useful. Water will not be absorbed by the mat and fluids can be easily cleaned off with a simple brushing with water and soap.

Oil and grease resistant matting

Some of our mats, such as the General Purpose Mat or the Heavy Duty Ring Mat, are not only resistant to water-based fluids, but also to oil and grease. This makes them the perfect option for kitchens, car manufacturers and laboratories. Any oil or grease that is dropped on on our commecial rubber matting, will not have an effect on the material which the mat is made of. Since the oil/ grease is not absorbed by the matting, they are easy to clean and the texture of the mat does not change.


“Our rubber mats can be used for many commercial applications, both indoor and outdoor, and help create safer and more comfortable environments.”


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