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About LRP Matting

Shaping your environment

Since 1971, LRP Matting has been manufacturing rubber mats and flooring for recreational, industrial and agricultural purposes. Some common applications are horse stalls, golf courses, baseball dugouts, and dog kennels. We take great pride in offering the largest rubber mats in the industry, simplifying the installation process and minimizing the number of seams in any area for a more appealing aesthetic.

Custom solutions

Apart from offering the USA’s biggest mats (6′ x 16′), we are also an expert in made-to-measure seamless and interlocking solutions. Some of our rubber mats are completely customizable to perfectly suit your needs. Just explain to us what you need, and we will get the job done!

Our featured animal mats

soft stall mat custom lrp matting
Soft Stall Mat

Turns every cold/hard surface in a comfortable space.

4×6 Stall Mat

Gives your animals a more comfortable place to lay down.

Hammer top mat
Hammer Top Mat

Lie flat without curling and resist heavy traffic shifting.

Get in touch!

Our staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the proper and most cost-efficient product for your particular application. Just contact us by following the details below! Follow us on social media for the latest news and updates.