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About LRP Matting

Our story

Boosting the well-being of humans and animals, and improving the environmental footprint of both our customers and the rubber industry as a whole, LRP Matting has a solution for every surface and every size. LRP’s long-lasting rubber products – made from the highest quality rubber – ensure you can achieve the highest levels of protection and comfort.

Shaping your environment

Since 1971, LRP Matting has been manufacturing rubber mats and flooring for use in recreational, agricultural and industrial facilities. We take great pride in offering the largest mats in the industry to simplify the installation process and minimize the number in seams in any area. For longer installations we offer, optional, interlocking tabs.

private label oem special projects for animal and agricultural related purposes

A rubber mat for every surface and size

When we say “we have a solution for every surface and every size”, we mean it. Apart from our standard-sized products, we are also specialized in creating ‘made-to-measure’ custom solutions. A variety of our rubber mats can be completely customized, including an interlocking option. This ensures their fit to your individual and specific needs.


“Boosting the well-being of humans and animals, with high-quality, durable and fiber-reinforced rubber mats.”


Rubber Mats For Animal And Agricultural UsesRubber Mats For Animal And Agricultural Uses
Rubber Mats For Commercial UsesRubber Mats For Commercial Uses
Rubber Mats For Industrial UsesRubber Mats For Industrial Uses

The many benefits of using rubber mats

Boosting the well-being of humans and animals; that has been our mission since we started in 1971. How? By providing comfortable, long-lasting rubber mats for agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. Using rubber mats has many benefits. First of all, they make any environment safer and more comfortable. Rubber matting provides insulation and anti-fatigue properties at the same time. This reduces the number of injuries and pain felt after long hours of standing. Some of our rubber mats also have drainage properties, creating anti-slip surfaces and reduces the amount of slipping hazards drastically.

The various applications of our durable rubber mats

We have a rubber mat and flooring for every surface and every size. LRP Matting delivers all kinds of matting products, from standard sizes to made-to-measure custom solutions. LRP’s long-lasting fiber reinforced products, ensure you can achieve the highest levels of protection and comfort, while meeting the most demanding durability and hygiene requirements. Our rubber mats can be used for various applications and in many different environments. From animal/ agriculture to commercial flooring  and industrial matting, we got your needs covered with high-quality and long-lasting products!

The benefits of FRC® in our rubber matting products

At LRP Matting, we attach great importance to boosting the well-being of both humans and animals. That is why a wide variety of our rubber mats are made from fiber reinforced rubber compound, also known as FRC®. The FRC® material makes the rubber mats stronger, and are therefore a durable and more long-lasting alternative. We work closely with DRI Rubber, a leading organization with more than 75 years of experience in the rubber industry. They were the first in the industry to develop FRC® and we take great pride that we can use their unique technology into our rubber matting solutions, allowing us to offer you even better products.

The process of requesting your rubber mats from LRP Matting

Often being an investment, it is important to make the right choice when it comes to purchasing rubber mats. At LRP Matting, we understand that and we want to help you, by providing you with a smooth and transparent process. So, let us explain what the process of buying rubber mats from us looks like. After submitting your quote via the online quote form, you will receive a confirmation email. Don’t forget to check your spam folder, it might end up there. A sales representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible with more details about your quote. When we contact you, we verify we understand your needs completely. From there, we can offer pricing and, if necessary, provide a technical drawing for your review. You will then get the chance to make any adjustments and confirm accuracy. All agreed? Nice! Lead time will be based on final approvals and quantities required.