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The process of requesting your commercial rubber mats

We are happy to know that you are interested in our commercial rubber matting products. So let us explain the process of buying mats from us to you. After submitting the quote form above, you will receive confirmation via e-mail. Don’t forget to check your spam folder. After a couple of days a sales representative will contact you to verify we understand your needs completely. From there, we can offer pricing and, if necessary, provide a technical drawing for your review. You will then get the chance to make any adjustments and confirm accuracy. All agreed? Nice! Lead time will be based on final approvals and quantities required.

The benefits of using commercial rubber mats

We offer an entire group of rubber mats for commercial applications, such as kitchens, workplaces, gyms, and for use at home. No matter the environment it is used in, using rubber mats allows for safer and more comfortable areas. The rubber mats offer various solutions, such as slip-resistance, drainage and anti-fatigue properties. Anti-fatigue rubber mats are especially useful in areas where people need to stand for a longer period of time, while the drainage mats are a better option for areas that get wet (water, oil or grease). No matter your requirement, we have a commercial rubber mat suitable for your specific needs.

The various applications of our commercial rubber mats

Like we mentioned before, our commercial rubber mats can be used in various environments. That is due to the fact that they offer several benefits in one. For example, our commercial rubber mats can be used in restaurant kitchens, laboratories and other workplaces. Why? Because of the anti-fatigue and drainage properties, making sure standing remains comfortable while reducing the risk of slipping. Other mats are more useful at home or at the gym, as they have noise-cancelling features and can absorb shocks from heavy weights. Also good to know, our rubber mats are weather resistant and can be used both indoor and outdoor.