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Scraper Mat

Our Scraper Mat is provides extra traction for where it is necessary. This makes the mat suitable as an entrance mat, but also an excellent option for use in kitchens and garages. The one-step mold design ensures the scrapers will not tear or loosen, reducing slipping hazards, therefore promoting safety. The Scraper Mat provides a cleaner environment, while reducing time and money spent on maintenance.

W = 36″ x L = 60″ x H = 1/4″
Weight: 26 lbs

Slip resistant rubber mats

Each Scraper Mat is made from the highest quality upcycled rubber. This material is long lasting, water resistant and slip resistant. The design of the Scraper Mat also contributes to the slip resistant feature of the mat. Combined, all of these features create an impeccable surface for areas where slipping hazards are abundant, including areas that can get wet. Scraper Mats instantly make any area muchg safer.

Scraper Mats can be used in kitchens, entrances and garages
The Scraper Mat is a heavy-duty rubber mat that provides extra safety and comfort
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