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slat mat livestock rubber matting by LRP Matting

Slat Mat

The Slat Mat offers your livestock animals the safety, protection, comfort and insulation they deserve. Designed primarily for the beef and dairy industries, using this type of matting has several benefits for your animals, such as increased weight-gain, improved comfort and better animal movement.

L 4′
W 10′ – 12′
H 0.75″

Slat Mat Fastener

The Slat Mat Fastener – our patented fastening system – is a convential method for securing Slat Mats and is unique for its design, as well as its all-rubber construction. The Slat Mat Fastener can be purchased as an accessory. Both the Slat Mat and the Slat Mat Fastener can be produced according to the size of the concrete slat.

Slat Mat and Slat Mat Fastener by LRP Matting for livestock beef dairy cows
Slat Mat for livestock beef dairy cows, rubber matting by LRP Matting
Slat Mat Fastener
All livestock matting