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For the better sustainable alternative

Since the start of our organization, we have put great value in environmental-friendly development, quality and consistency. Throughout the years, we have developed an unique ‘waste-to-product’ process, becoming the global leader in reprocessed rubber compounds and fiber reinforced compounds (FRC®).

1. Waste streams

It all starts with the global tire industry. No matter how you look at it, rubber waste is part of the tire production process. Because the tire is a safety product, the materials that are used must be 100% on-spec. Everything below will be not be used in a tire,  and therefore will become waste.

For a long time rubber waste was just disposed, not matter in what way. Of course, that is bad for the environment and it has given the global tire industry a negative image. But times are changing. With environmental care becoming more important by the day, the way rubber waste is processed is looked upon with a different view. Rubber waste isn’t just a problem anymore. We have learned that it can be a solution for many things!

DRI Rubber services the global tire plants – like Continental, Goodyear and Michelin – in reducing rubber waste streams. We provide many logistical solutions (like toll manufacturing) and can always take over large volumes of rubber waste. Thanks to our reprocessing and upcycling capabilities, we are able to produce a wide variety of rubber compounds and finished products, offering a more sustainable alternative for using raw materials. That way we can even achieve end-of-waste, extending the product life cycle, reducing prime material usage and lowering CO2-footprint. Our compounds can even be used again in the production process of our customers.

“We provide many logistical solutions and can always take over large volumes or rubber waste.”

2. Semi-finished products

After receiving the waste-streams, we start (re)processing, making sure we the right quality streams and recipes for our compounds and products, so we can meet the expectations and requirements of our wide range of customers. By continuously adapting to changing markets, innovations and environmental challenges, we have earned ourselves the position of industry leader.

DRI Rubber was the first in the industry to develop Fiber Reinforced Compounds (FRC©). These high-quality rubber compounds – available in Chopped & Baled and Preform – demonstrates unmatched performance in the industry and ensures consistency in quality. The fiber reinforcement makes the rubber compound stronger and more long-lasting than its raw material equivalent. Our FRC® compounds are for example used in solid tires.

In 2020 we launched our new Sustacom® product portfolio: high-quality, circular rubber compounds, based on the best-practice application requirements. They are suitable for direct milling and extrusion, no mixing needed. Sustacom® can be used in lots of applications, like conveyor belting, fenders, shoe soles and other general rubber goods.

Fiber Reinforced CompoundFiber Reinforced Rubber Compounds
SustacomCircular Rubber Products
“We have always put great value in environmental-friendly development, quality and consistency.”

3. Finished products

Another important product catagory are our Finished Products. We produce and sell a wide variety of rubber mats for agricultural, industrial and commercial uses. To further strenghten our position in the rubber matting world, we aquired LRP Matting as the official brand for our rubber matting products. With LRP Matting we can take on private label & OEM-projects and also serve our customers custumization needs.

With the combination of LRP Mattings expertise in the matting world, aligned with DRI Rubber’s extensive technical knowlegde on rubber compounding, we can further improve product quality and performance to our customers. For example, DRI Rubber integrates its fiber reinforcement technology to offer an even wider scope of rubber matting products, and making them more long-lasting.

rubber mats

The better alternative

DRI Rubber is becoming a more integral part of the global tire industry, reprocessing and upcycling rubber waste streams. By providing the better alternative for new raw materials, we reduce waste in the process and therefore lower the environmental footprint, not only of ourselves, but of the global tire and rubber industry. We aim to invest more in long-term collaborations with partners who also put great value in eco-friendly and sustainable development. That is how we believe we can make a true sustainable contribution to the circular economy.

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