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4x6 stall mat rubber stall mats for horses by LRP Matting

4×6 Stall Mat

The 4×6 Stall Mat is an excellent solution for your flooring needs. The mat gives your animal a more comfortable place to lay down, while insulating against cold and damp conditions. The 4×6 Stall Mat is specifically designed to provide both stress-relief and a slip-resistance surface. It absorbs shocks and can help to reduce bedding costs.

4′ x 6′ x 3/4″ & 4′ x 6′ x 5/8″
115 lbs & 91.5 lbs

Long-lasting durability

The 4×6 Stall Mat can withstand heavy circumstances, making it a very reliable product. Composed of upcycled rubber materials and fiber reinforced for long-lasting durability, its strength is unmatched!

4x6 Stall Mat with smooth bottom profile by LRP Matting

Bottom profile: smooth

4x6 Stall Mat with studs bottom profile by LRP Matting

Bottom profile: studs

Soft Stall Mat
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