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Soft Stall Mat

As an horse owner, providing your horses with maximum safety and comfort is top priority. The Soft Stall Mat, a high quality circular rubber mat made from fiber reinforced rubber, can turn every cold and/or hard surface, into a safe and comfortable space for your horse. These thick mats also serve as the barrier between the hooves and surface flooring, allowing for greater stress reduction to the animal.

Ranging up to a 6′ x 16′ (1/2″ thick)
Interlocking upon request

Largest rubber mats in the industry

Durability is no issue, as the Soft Stall Mat can easily endure high levels of foot traffic and heavy weight. The mat provides insulation and noise reduction, prevents absorbtion of moistures and urine, and is also resistant to fungal ad bacterial contamination. Soft Stall Mats are the largest mats of their type in the industry and are known as a cost-efficient alternative to similar synthetic items. These mats are also suitable for wall protection and can be used in grooming areas, trailers and (dog) kennels as well.

custom rubber mats with interlocking option
horse in stall with soft stall mats
4×6 Stall Mat
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