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Comfort Grid livestock rubber mat for cows by LRP Matting

Comfort Grid

Reduce your sand usage (and save money!) with the Comfort Grid! With its solid base the Comfort Grid keeps sand beds more level, minimizing the need for cows to dig in the sand. The mat provides greater comfort, encouraging cows to spend more time lying down and therefore, promoting higher yield. The Comfort Grid is an excellent alteranative for conventional open stall bases.

L: 5′ W: 4′ H: 1′
Square holes: 2″ x 2″

Less stall maintenance

Traditionally, significant labor is required evening out sand beds. With the Comfort Grid, the sand bed stays more level, realizing 35 – 40% savings in sand use. A level sand bed also means daily stall maintenance is dramatically reduced.

Comfort Grid cow mat by LRP Matting
Comfort Grid agri mat by LRP Matting

Exceptional durability

The Comfort Grid is only manufactured with upcycled rubber compound (FRC®) and is designed as a grid-like structure. The rubber tiles absorb pressure from the weight of the animal, alleviating stress on joints and muscles. The placement of the tiles assists in preventing the formation of deep ruts from constant digging, and the spacing allows for sand to sit-in between the tiles for a porous solution and product stability.

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