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Double Button Mat rubber nat for cows by LRP Matting

Double Button Mat

The Double Button Mat is a high-quality, rubber floor mat that can serve multiple purposes. For the safety of your herd, the Double Button Mat has a grooved underside that allows for drainage and grip for sloped areas. The mat – made from upcycled rubber materials to further improve durability – provides greater cushioning, reducing the amount of stress to both your mat and the animal.

W X L = 47.5″ X 70.29″ – 70.89″
Button thickness = .875″

Better traction

The Double Button Mat is unique for its agressive pattern, sustaining traction and aiding in slip-resistance. The Double Button Mat is designed for confinements with flushing systems for floor cleaning, as apposed to scraping.

Double Button Mat by LRP Matting
Double Button Mat, rubber mats for beef and dairy cows


Standard Double Button Mats have straight edges, but we do offer a variety of interlocking options. If you have specific dimensions, please click on the button below and fill out the quote form, explaining your needs.

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