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The no.1 producer of rubber compounds

If there is something that we at DRI Rubber have learned along the way, is it that rubber waste can be a solution for many things. With our reprocessing and upcycling capabilities, we offer a wide range of rubber materials, compounds and finished products. With solutions such as our FRC® and Sustacom® compounds we supply entire industries!


The circular alternative

Thanks to our ‘waste-to-product’ process, we are able to offer the better circular alternative for using raw materials. We extend the product life cycle and reduce prime material usage. On top of that, we are able to lower the environmental footprint of ourselves, our customers, suppliers and of the global tire and rubber industry as a whole.


“We are unique in providing technical support to our customers in both application and process optimization.”
frc rubber fiber reinforced compound


DRI Rubber is the inventor of the fiber reinforced compound, also known as FRC®. Fiber reinforcement makes the rubber compound stronger and more long-lasting than its raw material equivalent.


High-quality, circular rubber compounds based on the best practice application requirements. Our Sustacom® rubber compounds can be used for a wide variety of applications, and are suitable for direct milling and extrusion. No mixing needed.

Sustacom circular rubber compounds
“With solutions such as our FRC® and Sustacom® compounds we supply entire industries!”
lrp matting powered by dri rubber

LRP Matting

Rubber matting division, powered by DRI Rubber!

Boosting the well-being of humans and animals, LRP Matting has a solution for every surface and every size. LRP’s long-lasting rubber mats – made from the highest quality reprocessed-/ fiber reinforced rubber – ensure you can achieve the highest levels of protection and comfort.

We take great pride in offering the largest mats in the industry. We know how to create rubber mats of the highest quality and are specialized in made-to-measure (custom) solutions. We have a rubber mat for every need!

LRP Matting is a division of DRI Rubber. With the combination of LRP Mattings expertise in the matting world, aligned with DRI Rubbers extensive knowledge of rubber compounding, we are able to further improve product quality and performance to our customers.

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