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FRC® Preforms

Ready-made fiber reinforced material
FRC fiber reinforced compound

FRC® Preform, available in rolls, sheets and strips, is our unique ready-made, unvulcanized, masticated and fiber reinforced rubber material. Due to the fiber reinforcement technology, FRC® Preforms are a stronger and more sustainable alternative than using raw materials. 

Manufactured to the required dimensions at our own production facilities, FRC® Preforms are suitable for direct molding, no mixing, milling or cutting is needed. The fiber dispersion and orientation of this on-spec material, low heat build-up and maximum tackiness, make it a gamechanger for the rubber industry!

FRC Preform
FRC Preform Sheet

DRI Rubber was the first in the industry to develop Fiber Reinforced Compounds, also known as FRC®. Made from unvulcanized rubber waste streams from the global tire industry, our on-spec FRC® demonstrates unmatched performance and ensures consistency in quality and performance. Our FRC® products can be used directly in the production process, realizing sustainable cost reductions and reducing rubber waste in the process!

FRC® Chopped & Baled
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