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Econo Mat by LRP Matting
This is a customizable product. Please contact us by filling out the form and let us know what you need!

Econo Mat

Slighter thinner and lighter than the regular horse mat, our Econo Mats are perfect for installations where a tight budget or specific application is a consideration. The diamond-grid pattern provides excellent traction and sturdiness for any application. Econo Mats are 1/2″ thick.

Ranging up to a 6′ x 16′.
Interlocking upon request.

Safety and comfort

The Econo Mat can turn every cold/hard surface into a safe and comfortable place for your horse. Serving as a barrier between the hooves and the surface flooring, Econo Mats allow for greater stress reduction to the animal. The mat also provides insulation, prevents absorbation of moistures and urine, and is also resistant to fungal and bacterial contamination.

Econo Mat are slightly thinner and lighter than Soft Stall Mats
Econo Mat are completely customizable. Interlocking upon request
Soft Stall Mat
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