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Finger Top Mat by LRP Matting

Finger Top Mat

Available in a variety of sizes (all are 5/8″ thick), the Finger Top Mat is sure to make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any entrance or hallway. This all-weather mat traps dirt, snow, water, and sand. Hundreds of cleaning fingers capture debris and moisture as you walk across the mat, as well as provide anti-fatigue properties.

Available sizes:
16″ x 24″ / 18″ x 30″ / 24″ x 32″ / 28″ x 46″ / 32″ x 39″ / 36″ x 60″ /
36″ x 72″.

Indoor and outdoor

Comprised of heavy-duty rubber, the Finger Top Mat is able to withstand even the harshest of environments and climates. This makes the entry mat suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Cleaning is very easy. Just take the mat our, rinse and let dry.

Finger Top Mat rubber mat
finger top mat rubber entrance matting
General Purpose Mat
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