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PowerPads are the largest floor mats available in the industry. They resist curling, lay and stay flat, and butt together evenly and easily. These rubber mats are ideal for large areas since multiple pieces can be installed with minimal seams. The grid surface of these 1/2″ thick rubber mats provides a natural secure surface with cushioning qualities.

Ranging up to 6′ – 16′
Thickness: 1/2″

Benefits of rubber exercise mats

Using rubber reduces spots, marking and the damage from the impact of free weights. It absorbs shocks, secures and cushions expensive exercise machines, prevents wear and damage to existing flooring, and adds acoustical qualities to your workout/ gym environment. All mats lay in place and are installed without any adhesives. They are easily cleaned and maintained.

PowerPad rubber gym mat
PowerPad rubber exercise mat
Rubber Back Carpet Mat
Product overview