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trailer ramp mat rubber mats for trailers by LRP Matting

Trailer/Ramp Mat

It is important that your horse trailer, often being a small and compact area, is a comfortable and safe place for your horse(s). From entering the trailer to arrival at your destination, we have a solution to provide your animal with comfort and safety for the entire journey!

7.5′ x 8.13′
7.5′ x 9.19′

Several options

With our Trailer/ Ramp Mats you can outfit your complete trailer. For example, we offer an solution for the ramp, providing a safe walkway into the trailer. Our Trailer/ Ramp Mats can also be used for the inside of the trailer, as flooring mats and wall mats, adding extra comfort and safety.


The Trailer/ Ramp Mat is also available as a customizable product. If you have specific dimensions, please click on the button below and fill out the quote form, explaining your needs.

Hammer Top Mat
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