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Hammer Top Mat, rubber horse mat by LRP Matting

Hammer Top Mat

The Hammer Top Mat is a popular rubber matting solution for your horses and/or cows and provides safety and comfort. The mats lie flat without curling and resist shifting under heavy traffic. Our Hammer Top Mats can be used on many surfaces, and when pouring fresh concrete, the mats can even imbedded and will bond to the surface.

Size: 4′ x 6′
Thickness: 3/4″

Environments & surfaces

The mats can be used in several agricultural environments and installed over any surface. The top profile of the Hammer Top Mat resists scratching, marring and/ or trapping of dust or dirt. The mat won’t crack, peel or crumble.

Hammer Top Mat by LRP Matting
Hammer Top Mat by LRP Matting
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