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The diamond-plate surface of the BridgeRunner rubber mat provides excellent traction under dry and wet conditions making it a slip-resistant solution, and is specifically designed for outdoor applications. Whether you are covering a new of existing surface, the BridgeRunner performs well on wood, composite, concrete and blacktop.

Ranging up to a 6′ x 16′
Interlocking available upon request.

Customizable rubber mat

The BridgeRunner is available in widths up to 6′ and lenghts up to 16′. Sections can be interlocked with optional tabs for larger areas. BridgeRunners are made from reprocessed and fiber reinforced rubber (FRC®) and are non-porous, making then moisture resistant. They will not crumble, peel, or crack, even under the most extreme weather conditions.

BridgeRunner outdoor rubber mat
BridgeRunner rubber matting for outdoor use
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