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Outdoor rubber mats

Cover & protect

Easily installed over all sorts of existing or new surfaces, our rubber mats for outdoor uses eliminate costly repair and maintenance, and give a new face to the area. Our rubber mats lay flat without curling and provide excellent footing, under both dry and wet conditions. 

Customizable rubber mats

We are specialized in customizing our rubber mats. We make the biggest mats (in up to 6′ x 16′ pieces), and can deliver made-to-measure, seamless solutions. Our high-quality and long-lasting products ensures you can achieve the very highest levels of protection and comfort. No matter the type of surface and the sizes you need, we have your needs covered!

Factory-Direct prices

Most of our rubber mats for outdoor uses are the same product that we use to cover golf courses, install in horse stalls, and use in fitness centers. They are made from the highest-quality rubber and will absorb water from rain or sprinklers. Impervious to extreme heat or cold temperatures, they will not crack or crumble. LRP Matting offers low, Factory-Direct prices.



Available in widths up to 6′ and lenghts up to 16′. Sections can be interlocked with optional tabs for longer applications.

The diamond-grid surface of the BridgeRunner rubber mat provides excellent traction under wet and dry conditions, whether you are walking, pulling, or riding. The mat is non-porous and will not absorb moisture. Also, the BridgeRunner rubber mat will not crumble, peel, or crack even under extreme weather conditions.

Disc Golf Mat

Sizes: 5′ x 10′ & 6′ x 12′
Custom cut available up to 6′ x 16′

Our extra thick, heavy-duty Disc Golf Mats are perfect for disc golf courses. Unlike traditional concrete, these mats are far less expensive and require virtually no preparation for installation. They are simply placed over any level surface and will lay flat without curling. For added security, holes are provided for use with a ground stake of lag bolt. Edges blend into the surface to minimize the drop off. Need to change to tee position? No worries, as the mats are easy to move.

Dozer Mat

Dimensions: 1.5′ x 8′ / 2′ x 8′ / 3′ x 8′
Manufactured with a build-in handle

The Dozer Mat is the ideal solution for protecting your (farming) surface from steel-track vehicles, such as dozers, forklifts and excavators. These mats do not only protect the surface, but they also improve traction of vehicles, preventing slipping.


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