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Heavy Duty Rubber Mats

Insulation and anti-vibration

No matter where you put them, inside our outside, our rubber mats create a safer and more comfortable area. These rubber mats are also thick enough to withstand heavy machinery and heavy treading. The mats even protect underlying surfaces and prevent vibration and noise nuisance. These factors make our mats perfect for any heavy duty area.

Insulation and anti-vibration

All heavy-duty rubber mats are thick enough to prevent loud noises or extreme vibration. Made from the highest-quality rubber, the mats will not peel, crack, crumble or discolor, making them extremely long-lasting.

Wear protection

Our rubber mats for heavy duty applications are also slip resistant, allowing for safer working areas. The combination of materials and design creates traction and therefore safety to any area where the rubber mats are placed. They can be used inside and outside and are resistant to any type of weather.


Slip resistant rubber mats

These thick rubber mats are extemely wear-resistant and therefore makes them suitable for all kinds of heavy  duty applications, such as construction sites and areas where heavy machinery is used. The rubber mats also protect the ground underneath, such as grass, from wear and damage.



Industrial Roll Mat

Size: 3′ x 36′ x 3/8″
Colors: Black, Gray & Red

The Industrial Roll Mat has been manufactured with durability, safety and low maintenance in mind. The mat aids in protecting floors and walkways, while reducing noise levels in the area. A molded, reversible tread pattern helps prevent movement and reduces slipping hazards. Top and bottom surfaces allow the mat to be used on both sides.

Heavy Duty Ring Mat

Sizes: 39″ x 59″ x 3/4″
Colors: Black & Red

The heaviest design and rubber construction available in a ring mat! The Heavy Duty Ring Mat has excellent anti-fatigue properties and is a durable rubber matting solution. The elevated underside allows for drainage of fluids and debris while air flows effortlessly under your shoes, adding to the comfort of a worker. Each mat is heavy enough to stay in place with little to no movement.

Ground Protection Mat

Available as Walkway Plate, Driving Plate and Driving Plate with Handle, in different sizes.

The Ground Protection Mat is the ideal solution for protecting your surface from steel-track vehicles, such as dozers, forklifts and excavators. These mats do not only protect the surface, but they also improve traction of vehicles, preventing slipping.

Scraper Mat

Size: 36″ x 60″
Thickness: 1/4″

Our Scraper Mat is extremely rough, providing extra traction and a slip resistant surface. The mats are easy install and clean, and can be placed indoors and outdoors. The Scraper Mat is made of the highest quality rubber, making it a long-lasting and water resistant solutions. Scraper Mats instantly makes any area much safer.

Mega Mat

Sizes: 24″ x 36″ & 36″ x 60″
Thickness: 1/2″

The Mega Mat is constructed and designed for durability, yet is versatile enough to be used in many applications. The Mega Mat is available in a multi-purpose or a grease/oil resistant compound. Molded, beveled edges on all four sides provide additional safety features and easy cart access. Significant drainage holes allow for fluids and debris to escape, providing a safe, anti-slip surface. These rubber mats do not shift easily and have an excellent performance rating in heavy-duty applications.

FiberTread Mat

Sizes: 2′ x 20′ / 3′ x 20′ / 4′ x 20′
Available in both open and closed design.

The FiberTread Mat is a 20′ roll mat, streamlined to provide you with top-notch properties for your most important industrial matting needs. The mat will keep your floors clean and are slip-resistant. Fiber reinforcement technology (FRC®) adds in strenght and durability, making the mat ideal for welding, machining and heavy assembly areas. Forklifts and handcarts are no match for this durable rubber matting solution.

General Purpose Mat

Size: 3′ x 3′
Thickness: 5/8″

The General Purpose Mat – as the name suggests – can be used for almost any purpose. Made from the highest quality rubber, these mats provides enough traction to prevent slipping hazards. The General Purpose Mat is also water and oil resistant, which means that fluids are not absorbed by the rubber. They are easy to install and easy to clean, making them a useful addition to any space.


Our staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the proper and most cost-efficient product for your particular application. Just contact us by following the details below!