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rubber customizable ground protection mat

Ground Protection Mat

The Ground Protection Mat is the ideal solution for protecting your surface from steel-track vehicles, such as dozers, forklifts and excavators. These mats do not only protect the surface, but they also improve traction of vehicles, preventing slipping.

Product types & sizes

We can provide our Ground Protection Mats with an interlocking pattern during production, allowing for an easy and seamless connection of the mats which is most useful in extra-long applications. Contact us for customization options.

Large Driving Plate

15.7′ x 3.3′
15.7′ x 4.9′
15.7′ x 5.9′

Driving plate with handle:

8.2′ x 2.0′
8.2′ x 3.0′
11.5′ x 3.0′
13.1′ x 2.0′

Walkway plate

6.6′ x 3.3′
9.8′ x 3.3′

Ground Protection rubber mat
Ground protection mat by LRP Matting

Optimal protection

LRP’s Ground Protection Mats are designed to offer optimal protection in the toughest conditions. They can withstand all types of weather and are therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our products are lighter than steel and stronger than plastic. We also equipped our Ground Protection Mats with various user-friendly features.

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