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Other animal matting products

More productive and efficient operations

Our rubber mats are also suitable for other animal and agricultural related purposes. The rubber material used our rubber mats creates a softer and more comfortable space. They are also easy to install and clean. Some of our mats are even completely customizable. 

Rubber mats for hogs/ pigs

When used on raised and slatted floor systems or in crates, our rubber mats absorb and retain heat (as well as from overhead spot heaters and other artificial heating sources) to keep your litter warm and dry from farrowing through finishing. In many cases, you can reduce the heater size or lower the temperature for greater efficiency and smaller bills.

The low profile surface of our rubber mats provides improved animal footing and safety. This reduces spraddle leg and abrasions, which ultimately enables piglets and sows to move about easily and comfortably. Easily installed over any surface, these non-porous natural rubber mats will not absorb or retain moisture or urine, clean quicly, are easily disinfected and will absorb harbor disease. The underside has a hollowed recess panel for faster draining and promotes better air flow ventilation.

rubber mats for pigs
Hog Helper

Hog Helper mats insulate slatted floors, which elimates chilling drafts, resulting in a warm surface that provides better creep comfort. The attracts piglets to sleep away from the sow and it greatly reduces crush skill. Using a double layer of mats in the center position raises the sow for easier access or teats for nursing. Hog Helper Mats are available in 3.28′ x 4.92′ x 5/8″.

Multi Mats

Specifically designed for finishing and breeding areas, the circular-patterned top surface combines sure footing with flow-through drainage, and nubs on the underside allow fluids to run to the drainage areas. Made from reprocessed-/ fiber reinforced ruber, these mats are a must for manure recovery systems. Multi Mats are available in 43″ x 65″ x 2/3″.

Rubber mats for dogs

rubber mats for dogs
Kennel Komfort Mats

Ideal for dog owners, kennels, vets, groomers, dog houses, pet stores, dog runs, and crates. These 1/2″ thick mats are available in different sizes ranging up to a 6″ x 16″ (all are 1/2″ thick).

Showcase Flooring

Our showcase flooring has been proven to protect pads during agility training and exercise. It will not stretch or sag in dog jumping areas, reduces maintenance by up to 50%, and provides insulating qualities. The Kennel Komfort flooring provides natural footing for added safety for pets, handlers, and other personnel.

Other products

Ground Protection Mat

Dimensions: 1.5′ x 8′ / 2′ x 8′ / 3′ x 8′
Manufactured with a build-in handle

The Ground Protection Mat is the ideal solution for protecting your (farming) surface from steel-track vehicles, such as dozers, forklifts and excavators. These mats do not only protect the surface, but they also improve traction of vehicles, preventing slipping.

Slat Mat (Hog)

Dimensions: L = 4′ x W = 10′ – 12′ x H = 0.75″
Weight: +/- 160 – 200 lbs

The Slat Mat is also suitable for hogs/ pigs and offers your animals the safety, protection, comfort and insulation they deserve. Using the Slat Mat has several benefits like increased animal movement and reduction in injuries.

Both the Slat Mat and the Slat Mat Fastener can be purchased according to the size of the concrete slat.
Slat Mat Fastener

United States patented (US 10.512.350)
Can be purchased as an accessory

The Slat Mat Fastener for livestock rubber mats on slatted concrete floors is unique for its design, as well as its all-rubbe composition. The Slat Mat Fastener is a game changer for the industry, being characterized as unbreakable and animal friendly.

Both the Slat Mat and the Slat Mat Fastener can be purchased according to the size of the concrete slat.


“Our rubber mats for animals are very easy to install and clean, and are in some cases completely customizable.”



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