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Rubber flooring in dairy farming

The economic benefits

At LRP Matting we understand that providing your livestock with maximum safety and comfort is top priority. Animal care is highly valued by us and is shown in our products. Our rubber flooring for use in dairy farming applications ensures you can achieve the highest levels of protection and comfort, while meeting the most demanding durability and hygiene requirements. In addition to all of this, using rubber mats also has several economic benefits for you. 

Improved milk producten

Comfortable cows produce more milk. Rubber flooring reduces stress and improves comfort. It insulates while also providing drainage, ensuring a slip-resistant surface. This all together encourages cows to spend more time lying down, getting better rest, which directly enhances milk yield. A research in Sweden showed increased profitability per cow due to higher milk yield on rubber flooring.  Products that can help you achieve healthier cows and improved yield at the same time, are among others the Slat Mat and Comfort Grid, which are produced from upcycled FRC® rubber.

Several cost reductions

Our rubber mats and flooring for dairy farming are produced from 100% upcycled FRC® rubber. This is a fiber reinforced rubber compound that makes our mats stronger and therefore more long-lasting than products made from raw materials. On the long-term, using our flooring has a better return of investment. Our products are much easier to clean than concrete, straw, or sand. When using sand on top of our matting, sand bed stay more level. This leads to lower maintenance expenses and reduces the need for frequent replacements or repairs. Compared to concrete, rubber flooring provides better insulation, leading to energy savings in maintaining optimal barn temperatures.

Improving safety and reducing injuries

As mentioned earlier in this article, the drainage properties of our rubber mats and flooring for dairy farming help create safer environments. The non-slip nature of rubber flooring decreases the risk of slipping and falling, reducing pain and injuries to the animal while lowering veterinary costs for the farmer. These safety benefits are highlighed by various sources, such as this report. Using rubber flooring also improves overall hoof health and reduces lameness. Overall, healty cows require less medical attention, leading to significant cost savings on this front as well.

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