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Comfort Grid

The Comfort Grid is our innovative rubber drainage mat, engineered for unbeatable comfort and safety. With advanced drainage technology, the Comfort Grid supports natural drainage of water into the subsoil, improving rainwater runoff.

5′ x 4′ x 1″
Square holes: 25″ x 25″
Weight: 92.6 lbs

Benefits of rubber

Whether you use it for driveways, (garden) paths, sidewalks, lawns or parking spots, the Comfort Grid stengthens the substrate. The mat can be combined with gravel, tiles, natural/ concrete slabs or grass. Water will seep through the ground without creating puddles. The Comfort Grid is made from upcycled rubber compound (FRC®), offering significant advantages when compared to plastic options. Rubber will not peel, crack or crumble, being a durable and more sustainable alternative.

Comfort Grid Drain rubber drainage mat by LRP Matting
Comfort Grid Drain rubber drainage mat
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